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My girlfriend and I really enjoyed this game! We made a short video of it :)

It's not bad. I like the loose flight control, it feels pretty good to move around, though it could've upped the difficulty. Simply having multiple enemies and putting pressure could've made this a a lot better. I want to use my spicy drifts for combat!

Come to think of it, it could've gone full silly (flappy bird weight on each flap), or full on survival deathmatch (50 dragons, 1 health point).

Requesting Jousty Dragons 2: Ragnarok

thanks for the feedback!

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Loved the game. If anyone reading this is thinking about giving this a try, I recommend you do, its a lot of fun. I will say though, make sure you play with a game pad as the title screen suggests, I was stupid and did not at first. But despite my "ability" to not read directions, this was a really fun, simple and easy to grasp experience. I am sure two player would fun super fun as well! Best of luck to the developer on all your future projects!

If you want to see what my experience was like you can check out my video below. 

This game is honestly pretty cool. Hope you all enjoy the video.

Though it's a simple build for now, Jousty Dragons has some decent potential. There aren't many jousting games these days and the aerial aspect gives it a nice angle. I'd love to see some stunt flying in this. (And the music kicks, too.)

Good job, dev.

Pretty dope game!! Keep up the great work.