Jousty Dragons Released!

Jousty Dragons has just been released! It's a dragon jousting simulator where you ride the dragon Viridian and must defeat the rider on top of the red dragon Cinnabar. You can either fight versus the AI in singleplayer, or play against someone next to you in the splitscreen multiplayer mode! All of the controls are explained in the game itself, and there aren't many, so it should be easy to get started with!

I made it a little while ago as part of the #nojam game jam. Liam Sauve ( provided the music and I did the rest, with the notable exception of the Lowpoly Terrain Pack which provided all the mountains.

TIPS: I've found that trying to attack head-on usually results in a draw, so maybe try taking your opponent slightly at an angle. If you can manage, the safest option is to attack from either above or below.

We hope you enjoy it!

Files 60 MB
Version 0.1 Sep 22, 2019 61 MB
Version 0.1 Sep 22, 2019 63 MB
Version 0.1 Sep 22, 2019

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