A downloadable game

Full source available here:  https://github.com/nihilocrat/polemos

The idea for this had been in my head for a few years, I decided to take the code from Her Majesty's Royal Space Armada and modify it heavily so I could have a medieval, melee-oriented RTS. Main inspiration comes from the Total War series and Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns.


P - Pause game

Move mouse to the edge, or WASD - move camera

Mouse wheel - zoom in and out

Left mouse - select units or buildings

Drag left mouse - select multiple units

Right click - Move units to location

Hold right click - Move units to location and align them to face the mouse pointer

R - order units to retreat to the current mouse locaiton

Spacebar - see minimap and strategic overview (currently very laggy)


Important info:

  • You can move the camera and control units while the game is paused. Take your time to devise a strategy.
  • You don't control individual units, you control large squads.
  • Attack enemies by moving your squads into their squads. The center of a squad is its banner.
  • Capture buildings by moving a squad directly on top of it
  • Create new units with the button in the lower-right-hand corner.
  • All of your new units appear at your castle.
  • A new squad will contain only one unit, it needs to be near a castle or town to spawn new units
  • Existing squads can heal and respawn units when not in combat near a friendly castle or town
  • Attacking from the flank does x1.5 normal damage. Attacking in the rear does x3 damage!
  • Units lose morale when they take damage, and will rout when their morale gets to 0
  • Routed units can't be controlled until the white flag disappears
  • You can't attack retreating units
  • Capturing a town will increase your squad limit by 1. Castles give you 3.
  • Win the game by controlling 8 towns.
  • Eliminate a player by capturing their castle.
  • Lose the game when an opponent controls 8 towns, or you lose your castle.

Strategy tips:

  • Comitatenses beat Equites, Equites beat Sagitarii, Sagitarii beat Comitatenses
  • Charging an enemy with Equites will do x2 bonus damage. This stacks with flanking/rear damage, so a charge from the rear will do x6 damage!
  • It's better to retreat a wounded squad before it's routed or destroyed
  • Squads will currently not change targets mid-battle. Therefore, attacking a squadron that's already in combat with a unit that counters it is very effective. (ex: an enemy archer squad is in combat; charge them from the rear with cavalry!)


Polemos_alpha1.zip 13 MB