A downloadable game for Windows

Created for the Gamma 4 "One Button Games" competition.

A game about cooperating with others and sharing control in a chaotic situation.

For one reason or another, an unknown force is attacking your civilization. Join together with three others to control a defense turret to ensure they do not eradicate you or the cities under your protection. This defense is impossible without the cooperation of every player; learn to share control of the defense turret with your teammates, and repel the rain of missiles and other genocidal devices flung at you and your bretheren.

Default bindings are:

Player 1 : `

Player 2 : Left Ctrl

Player 3 : Right Ctrl

Player 4 : Backspace

Player 1 can switch the direction the turret turns in.

Player 2 can hold down on their button to rotate the turret in the current direction.

Player 3 can fire missiles. You have 5 missiles which are replenished as you fire them.

Player 4 can detonate missiles in the air, one at a time. You have to detonate missiles for them to destroy enemies, they will not explode on collision.

If you have no friends (;_;) you can still play the game by just using all 4 buttons.


Verteidiger_1.0.zip 16 MB