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Made during TOJam 2021

The theme was "Once more, with feeling!", so I remade a jam game from 2018 that I wasn't entirely happy with called "Joy Scouts".

Explore a desolate world that's full of somewhat wild life! Craft a variety of reasonably useful tools and structures! Survive with a modest amount of effort!

Controls are keyboard only for now and explained in-game. A To-Do list will suggest things you can do in the game.

If you are stuck, try going to the following places:

Directly north of the house

Southwest of the house until you see rocks, then south until you see a goat

Northwest of the house until you see a goat, then west

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorFractal Phase
TagsColorful, Crafting, Exploration, Sci-fi


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MyLifeOnASlightlyFeralPlanet_WebGL_2019.zip 16 MB
semi-feral-planet-win.zip 25 MB
Version build_3
semi-feral-planet-osx.zip 29 MB
Version build_3

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It's a little confusing to control, but I can overlook that because it looks great! I love that character design, and the colour palette is lovely. Hope to see this develop further.

Does the "gun" run out of juice after a while? It stopped firing for me. Can it be refilled?

Thanks!  It doesn't run out of juice but it will only work on certain things. It doesn't really communicate that well (on account of being a jam game)

Could use a little bit of polishing, but I dunno how hard game development is (All I know is it 'aint easy) so I shouldn't talk about improving it I should talk about

  holy [expletive spam], this is awesome

You're correct to think it is difficult to throw together something like this in 48 hours, and get everything important finished. Any lack of content or polish is thanks to the time constraint.

Thanks for the enthusiasm!

I opened up the inventory and am trying to press C to cancel out of it and nothing's happening… it seems to be stuck…

You have to press V again to close it, it's a little unclear about that.