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Source available here (Unity 5.4+ required): https://github.com/nihilocrat/starstuffer

There are a large number of games which feature a procedurally-generated galaxy. The domain has enough objects in common which are used across all implementations (stars, planets, etc), so I figured, why not just make a fairly generic library to do it for you?

Starstuffer is split into a generator (which currently only creates objects, but will serialize to XML, JSON, etc) and a renderer. The renderer provided is entirely optional and can (and should) be replaced with whatever your game needs. The generator provides more data than may actually be needed: the renderer is merely given its data and may interpret it or discard it however it wants.

Here are some potential applications, which may or may not use everything the library has to offer:

  • A detailed, 1:1 scale space simulator like Noctis
  • A simple space 4X where systems are represented by a single planet
  • A 2D space adventure game like Starflight or Star Control where a single universe is generated and particular systems and planets might be modified by hand.
  • A "disneyland scale" space exploration game, like if Super Mario Galaxy were an open world game.

I've only spent several hours on the generator, so it's pretty limited right now, here's what it supports:

  • Creating a galaxy where systems are somewhat-regularly spaced. Spiral-arm and circular / ellipsoid patterns aren't yet available.
  • A single star for each system of varying magnitude and temperature.
  • A random set of planets with moons, with basic data such as orbital period, distance, length of day, etc. These are purely random and not based on any scientific models.
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AuthorFractal Phase
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