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WASD / Arrow keys: Move

Mouse : Look

Left mouse button : Interact

The game will save your progress automatically, just come back to the page later and your progress will be restored.

Ctrl + Alt + R will reset all progress!

Excerpt from Kerl von der Kiste's "Pre-Imperial Religion: Mythology of the Solar League" :

In 9185, archaeologists uncovered foundations at the site suggesting that it was once a small, but very tall pyramid with a single window at the top and no apparent means of entrance or exit. Though it was long assumed to be an oubliette for heretics and apostates, scholars citing rediscovered texts suggest that it was in fact a devotional chamber or shrine to Suk'innr, the ancient god of harvest.

A willing acolyte lived in the shrine to received divine gifts, portioned out at the god's leisure. Periodically, an artifact would appear (of which no physical specimens have been recovered) and after touching it, the devotee would be rewarded with the flickering of illuminated etchings while a groove on the northern wall was filled with luminescent liquid. Scholars still hotly debate such a shrine's existence, wondering how anyone would ever willingly live in such a chamber.

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