Made during TOJam 2022

Music by Vandalorum

You've fallen asleep and are dreaming the




... but the dream will never end,



      you find

           the Seed of Hallucination!

In this action-RPG soulslike, traverse the Everslumber and defeat strange and wondrous foes.

Move:   WASD

Attack:  Right Shift

Block:  Forward Slash ( / )

Dodge:  Spacebar

Drink Flask:  R

Lock Target:  Enter

(gamepad... probably works?)


Download 70 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run the .exe!

Development log


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Thanks so much for attending TOJam once again (not to mention the sponsorship). Here's TOJam organizer Michael playing your mini moody masterpiece

love the art style! I think this kind of gameplay would benefit a lot from having some more narrow corridor areas, maybe some simple castle ruins to bottleneck the player. Then you can spring traps on them >:) Also shift key for attack always activates the sticky keys prompt on windows, which gets super annoying when you are wrist deep in EYEBALL HEAD SOLDIER JUICE. Love the concept though, the power ups are satisfying to get. Would love to see more get build onto this! 

thanks for playing!

I didn't think about sticky keys since I turned off that popup a long time ago, thanks for mentioning it.

also you're quite right about corridors. one thing that soulslike games don't do often but I think adds a lot to this sort of combat is environmental hazards, like I put in SWOOOORDS I have turned sticky keys pop up off as well XD no idea why I haven't tried to do that sooner myself lol! 

I really like the untextured low-poly art style of your games!

I found the keyboard controls to be too cramped, and the controller support needs explanation: I haven't been able to find the Interact button, instead B seems to be a dash that's not part of the keyboard controls?

The HTML5 version seems to hang forever with the progress bar at ~ 90%, is that a Firefox problem?

From the Developer console:

Script terminated by timeout at: @[52... @[52... @[52... @[52... @[70... @[93... @[95... unityFramework/Module.dynCall_v@ invoke_v@ @[93... @[11... @[11... @[11... unityFramework/Module._main@ callMain@ doRun@ run@ runCaller@ removeRunDependency@ createUnityInstance/u/<!--<@

Thanks for playing!

I noticed issues with the HTML5 version after I uploaded and wasn't sure if it was a local issue, it's probably some Unity config issue. I took it down for now and will experiment with getting a working build up.

I didn't spend any time testing with a gamepad, simply because of time constraints, with a bit of time I can get those working and even get tutorial prompts showing those buttons.