1.2.9 Released!

This is mostly full of bugfixes in preparation for 1.3. Here they are:

v 1.2.9 Changelog:
- NEW: slight dropshadow added to target HUD text to make it easier to read in bright conditions
- NEW: Menus: Added instructions for undocumented Page Left / Page Right buttons
- NEW: Progress bar under tech level shows your progress towards the next tech level on the carrier menu
- Player missiles slow down slightly when getting close to their target, improving accuracy of fast-moving missiles significantly
- Experimental hidden "multiDisplay" option for people with multi-montior setups. Disabled by default.
- BADGERs are stationary for now due to some pathfinding issues that made them drive in the sea
- An icon on the carrier menu tells you if you are still able to achieve the "Sky Rogue" achievement
- Linux builds contain x86 and x86_64 binaries again

- Coop: P2 couldn't win the game if P1 was dead, also reinforcements wouldn't spawn
- Softlocks should no longer happen after landing on the carrier before the mission is over
- Under specific circumstances starting and quitting an Endless game would get recorded as standard camapign progress
- Aero stat display bars were not changing after you upgraded an aero
- MIRVs sort their targets based on the angle between the boresight of the missile and the targets, so you'll never shoot one and not have at least one missile go towards what it's pointing at
- Changing to a non-decal skin and then back to a decal skin will no longer disable decals permanently
- Building spawn code was not marking spots as being occupied, leading to other things getting spawned inside them
- Fixed shadow rendering issues on aeros on the carrier menu
- Aeros which are shot down should dive more consistently rather than go into a flat spin
- Destroyed carriers now dive properly


Windows 127 MB
Version 1.2.9 Jun 26, 2020
Mac 132 MB
Version 1.2.9 Jun 26, 2020
Linux 148 MB
Version 1.2.9 Jun 26, 2020

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WAIT! this game is still being updated!? i thought it was done??

I mean, it still has bugs, more of which I found today, but yeah, it's very loyal of the dev to keep doing work on it and accepting feedback from fans!


wow, the devs do care about their projects.. not like other devs but hey i'm happy the game is not on life support so that's cool.

I love this game, very pleased to see updates!