Sky Rogue 1.3 Released!

2 new aeros! New stuff to blow up! Co-op is a lot more fun now! Mac users shouldn't have to do that silly workaround! This update has been in the works for months, we hope you enjoy it!

- PUMA Warbird Bomber
- MONARCH Experimental Drone (requires you to beat the game)
- New ground targets, keep an eye out!
- New engine sounds for interceptor and bomber aeros
- Co-op: players can respawn if the other player kills a certain number of enemies

- All platforms now load savegames and mods from their respective persistent data paths. There is no need for players to do anything such as manually copy saves. The game will attempt to load from the "Sky Rogue/Save/" if a savegame at the new path cannot be found.
- Bombsight "zeroes in" 50% faster
- Speed display modified so it's easier to judge speed differences across aeros and after upgrades
- Reduced volume on BRONCO's prop sound
- BRONCO upgrade costs increased from 1000/2000 to 2000/4000
- BRONCO hitpoints reduced 250 -> 200, upgrade hitpoints reduced 170->150
- MEDVED base speed increased 6000 -> 7000
- ZULU base speed increased 7000 -> 7500
- ONI base speed increased 8000 -> 8500
- ODIN base speed increased 7000 -> 7500 - ODIN speed upgrade increased 750->1000 per level
- AURORA speed upgrade increased 1500->1700 per level
- Added error effect when failing to buy an upgrade
- Mention in the carrier menu quit message that your progress is saved
- The same mission target shouldn't be repeated two missions in a row
- New camera option: "Reduced Motion"
- New camera option: "Dodge in the cockpit" : have the aero roll when it dodges in cockpit mode

- Fixed: camera look rotation using the right stick was very strange and unpredictable depending on the rotation of your aero
- Fixed "Bringing a Nuke to a Knife Fight" achievement
- Player airbases only spawn on spots that are unlikely to launch the player into a mountain
- Fixed: later missions in endless mode will still spawn enemies
- Fixed: PS4 button images were showing up as white squares
- Fixed: L-DRONE now correctly earns rewards and kills for the player who launched it
- Fixed: pressing Escape when changing weapons mid-mission will no longer open the pause menu
- Fixed: To avoid weird errors, you can't pause and quit the game when researching new tech
- Fixed: destroying a CARRIER by hitting its critical hit point will now correctly credit you with the kill
- Optimizations to AI should improve framerate on busier missions


Windows 127 MB
Version 1.3 Aug 25, 2020
Mac 132 MB
Version 1.3 Aug 25, 2020
Linux 148 MB
Version 1.3 Aug 25, 2020

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